Toby Skinner Generative Art Architect
'Architect' by Toby Skinner


Occasionally an algorithm will glitch, break or bug. Typically the result is unpleasant to look at , chaotic and nonsensical but in some cases we find something more interesting and/or unexpected.

Whilst working on the Blueprint for a Nude code base the tooling software encounterd an un-reproducable bug. This caused the renderer to output a very different image to what was expected.

Detail (1:1)


7016 x 10496 (~A1 Portrait)


Can this exact image be re-produced? No, this was a glitch in a version of an algorithm that cannot be reproduced.

Are there any other images on this website that were generated by this algorithm? Yes, the Blueprint for a Nude series uses this algorithm.

Is this a limited edition print? Yes

How can I buy a print? Please get in touch with your requirements.