Toby Skinner Generative Art Erosion #2
'Erosion #2' by Toby Skinner

Erosion #2

The Erosion series (#1, #2 and Corruption) explore the idea of applying natural erosion to digital data.

The exploration across these three projects focuses on stylised data integrity damage, glitching and strange re-presentations of original images.

A voronoi graph is produced and then depth-first traversed from a random starting point. When all the neighbours of a node on the graph have been visited we increment a deadend counter and retrace our steps until we are able to continue. 50 deadends are allowed before we stop.

The colour scheme is inverted and adjusted from the original image. In some cases familiar objects and patterns are identifiable but soon become confused and crowded amongst a cacophany of smashed pixels.

No actual data was harmed in the making of these images.


Detail (1:1)


13244 x 9933 (A0 Landscape)


Can this exact image be re-produced? Yes, the graph traveral is deterministic and the features are automatically extracted.

Are there any other images on this website that were generated by this algorithm? Yes, Erosion #1 and Corruption both use a similar algorithm.

Is this a limited edition print? No

How can I buy a print? Please get in touch with your requirements.