Roughly based on the core algorithm from the Fields projects, Disintegration introduces a number of new mechanics and a new renderer.

Concentric circles are generated in turn from the inside out, the number of glyphs making up each circle is a function of it's circumference. The glyphs are distributed evenly and then jiggled slightly.

Each glyph is made up from two layers, oneslightly darker than the other (as can be easily seen in the first of the series below).

A spacial index based roughly on manhatten distance and grid cells is built to provide a fast neighbourhood function, the granularity of this can be adjusted.

A mutation function is applied to each glyph after a render, the colour, shape and alpha of the glyph is modified based on the attributes of the neighbouring glyphs.

To create some instability, random glyphs have their hue randomly set with a very low probability.



2000 x 2000


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