Toby Skinner Generative Art Fields #1
'Fields #1' by Toby Skinner

Fields #1

Working with vector fields is a rewarding experience, being able to so easily tweak and adjust the transform function provides immediate and radically different end results.

Khan Academy have a particularly good introduction to the topic.

This project explored functions that derived more natural landscapes and organic matter.

Knots and rings in wood (above), flowing water, spilled ink, a distant maintain range, bone, hair, brain.

Note that whilst these first attempts look acceptable when reduced in size, the high resolution detail is poor and un-interesting.

Another attempt will be made to produce more satisfying high resolution detail.



8000 x 8000 (Square)


Can this exact image be re-produced? If the exact vector field function along with any noise seed are stored then an exact replica is possible. These images are not replicatable because the seeds and exact functions were not retained.

Are there any other images on this website that were generated by this algorithm? No

Is this a limited edition print? No

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