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'Terraform' explores cyclic-visual pattern and audio generation through cellular automata.

Beyond just 2-state cells (on/off), 'Terraform' cell states exist in the HSB colour space, any cell can effectively be any Hue, Saturation and Brightness.

All cells start white except a single seed cell (centre row, far left) which is turrned red, the use of red is appropriate due to the rule set.

There are two rule sets: one for cells and one for audio:


  1. If I am a cell on the edge of the grid, ignore me
  2. Calculate the average H,S and B values across the nearest 3 cells in the column to my left, if I am at row J then use cells J-1, J and J+1.
  3. Increment my own H, S and B values by these averages
  4. Decrement my S value by 0.1
  5. If my S value is 0 then reset to 0xffffff


The following constants were determined as suitable 'biting points' for triggering audio based on viewing a trace of the average HSB over a period of time. The sounds were created with Bfxr and then randomly assigned to each rule, some trial and error was needed to replace sounds which didn't work.
  1. Calculate the average H, A and B values across the entire grid
  2. If S > 0.95: Play sound 16
  3. If S > 0.8: Play sound 15
  4. If h > 200: Play sound 15
  5. If h > 150: Play sound 3
  6. If v > 0.8: Play sound 14
  7. If v > 0.7: Play sound 10

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620 x 437