Toby Skinner Generative Art Voronoi
'Voronoi' by Toby Skinner


A natural extension of the Bitscape project was to explore more methods of re-presenting image data, additional re-presentations of the pixels and colours.

Initially image segmentation proved tempting as a way to start extracting shape and possibly even semantic data from images, however before long it proved too complex and time consuming a task to execute robustly on the wide range of source material.

Since features were already a part of the data set it was a small jump to consider using them within a graph, specifically a Voronoi graph.

With a computed Voronoi graph based on extracted features this algorithm traverses the planes one at a time, filling each plane with a colour based on the average of 5 samples within that region.

No additional tooling was built for this algorithm, it was worked into the Javascript/Node/PHP application and provided a suitable launch pad for much future work using the Voronoi graph.

Series A - Nature

Series B - Fashion

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1916 x 944


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