Toby Skinner Generative Art Asteroid
'Asteroid' by Toby Skinner


The final render of Gravity looked remarkably like an asteroid spinning space. This project pulled the code and adjusted the parameters to focus on renders looking like asteroids.

The white background was removed, the number of attractors increased to 100 and the number of visible points up to 10 million (the canvas size increasead to 4k as well).

Some of the later renders benefit from a per-point colour map that creates blacker points closer to the 'craters' to try and help with an illusion of depth.



4096 x 4096 (Low resolution sqaure)


Can this exact image be re-produced? No, positions of the points and attractors are random. Similar variants of the style can however be produced.

Are there any other images on this website that were generated by this algorithm? Yes Gravity

Is this a limited edition print? No

How can I buy a print? Please get in touch with your requirements.